Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Day

I'm home from school today because it's too cold. The temp is about -18 F and the windchill is right around -30 F. So we are home trying to stay warm and doing pretty well. I'm sure my parents in Neerlandia are thinking, "-30 F that's nothing," but I'm sure you still remember the feeling of an Iowa wind. Rachel, in Nicaragua, is probably thinking, "How do I even begin to explain to my students that where I grew up they cancel school because it's too cold?"

Anyway, we are enjoying ourselves. Rebecca loves bananas and Cherrios for breakfast. The banana makes the Cherrios a little sticky, but I think she was enjoying it all.
More please!


  1. It was above freezing in Neerlandia on Thursday, Friday and today. Its supposed to get above freezing for the next two days as well. Come up and get warm.

  2. it is above freezing here too. why don't you come down and get warm?

    is it bad that i am sad i am going to loose my great, year-round tan when i move back to the states?

  3. Yes, Ponch. That is very vain of you, even thought I'm a little jealous :)