Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sitting Up

Rebecca continues to amaze us. I know she is just doing what most babies her age do, but it is still awesome to see how she grows and changes. Last night after a poopy diaper blow-out (there is no way to sugar-coat that) I stripped her down and was wiping off her back when she decided that she was going to sit up by herself. The camera was handy so I snapped a few pictures. Yes, that is my hand on the side of the picture ready to catch her if she decided to lean the wrong way. What a big girl!

This next picture is of our basement so far. As you can see, we are done painting and have started to install the ceiling. For some reason we thought that a tile ceiling would be easier, and although is seems like an easy system to screw and snap together, it has been a trying process. Lots of measuring, pushing, pulling, tweaking, (yes, tweaking, t-w-e-a-k-ing, tweaking)* and making exact cuts. We know the finished product will be great and the end is in sight. We've also started staining the wood work. There will be a wooden boarder between the two colors on the wall and all the baseboard and door trim.

*For Mom and Rachel - I couldn't pass that one up! Hope you enjoyed it :)


  1. Basment is looking good. Keep up the good work.

    Better tie that baby down on the changing table from now on :)


  2. Great pictures keep them coming. The birthday picture brought tears to my eyes. I was missing her so much I could hardly breathe - then I realized that I'd still be just looking at the picture in Iowa. No TV reception so I've watched the "movie" 3 times already and lots of America's Test Kitchen.
    PS - Happy Valentine's Day

  3. I love her baby fat rolls...it's so cute, too bad it loses it's cuteness as you get older:)

    The basement is nice...much different from when we there so very long ago:)


  4. Aunt Grace says, "Congratulations on your accomplishment, Rebecca!" You have to wonder what babies are thinking when they do something like that the first time. Are they confident and self assured, or are they as just as surprised as you are? She looks kind of like she is shocked by her own talent.

  5. "It could be the zipper man!"
    "The zipper man?"
    "Yeah, you would never half to buy new luggage."

    my roommate give me a hard time because everything i seem to say is a quote from a movie or Brian Regan. glad you do it too.