Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nap Time

I mentioned to a few of you about Rebecca's nap time habbit of pulling her blanket over her head. It's a little unnerving to see your child with a blanket over their head, but when you learn that if you take it off they will wake up, you get use to it. Rebecca loves to cuddle and chew on her blanket at nap time and almost always falls asleep with it over her head. After trying to remove it a few times and her waking up, I've learned to just move it away from her mouth and nose a little. Maybe she likes the warmth or the darkness, who knows.

Today is yet another snow day, but instead of being home from school we are home from church. So we are just hanging out in the warm house playing and practicing sitting up - she still needs a little asistance.
Lots of warm smiles and love from the frozen Iowa prairie.


  1. It was warm enough today that Dad ran outside. Its great that she is sitting up, but how is she doing with tummy time. I love the rosy cheeks.

  2. is that girl drinking from a bottle yet?

    i just posted some new stuff - pics and what-nots.

    got vball practice in a bit, right now we are 1-2 which is better than last season when we were 0-6.

    sorry about the lack of calls, our internet phone is down and we can't get it to work.

    mucho amor...