Friday, August 3, 2007


My soul is yearning for more vacation fun as I compose this blog. My heart desires being back on the lake soaking up the sun, tubing, knee-boarding and skiing.

Sarah and I, along with Scott & Chelsie, went to Lake Rathbun this past weekend for what has become an annual getaway. It was awesome. Nothing spectacular like roller coasters or supersized cruise ships. It was simply quiet and relaxing. The lake was for the most part very quiet. The picture below of me tubing was on a portion of the south fork and we were the only boat using this area.
This picture of Sarah and I was taken on Sat. night at the dam. There was a band having a concert on the shore and supposedly there were fireworks to follow. We stayed until 11:00pm when we thought the band was done playing and then they said, "we will break for an intermission and be right back." At that point we decided to head back to camp and have s'mores and broom stick pies over the fire. The squiggly lines in the picture are other boat lights.
This picture is of our camper we slept in. An airconditioned camper was the key to making this an enjoyable camping trip for Sarah. The site was shady and close to the showers so that also made it very comfortable.

This picture I had to add because it is the best picture I have of Scott's boat. I believe it is yet unnamed but one suggestion so far is "winking owl." Send your suggestions to Scott.


  1. Man, Colorado is great, but I would love a boating-camping vaccation in Iowa or Minnesota. You guys are lucky. Good luck with all things to come:)

  2. Honey Creek resort in Rathbun Lake is the best summer experience. I've been there last month when I visited my hunting land in Iowa. I love hunting big bucks and whitetails in Iowa. There are lots of hunting lands for sale in Iowa.