Saturday, April 16, 2016

Blake is 4!

As usual, better late than never. It's been 3 months now that we've had a 4 year old in the house and boy is it an adventure! Blake is a fun loving, adventurous, stubborn, and particular little boy and we couldn't love him more!

For months he had been talking about his "tractor" birthday because he loves all things farm. But just a week before his birthday, we were looking at cake ideas and he spied a monster truck cake and there was no going back to tractors. The cake turned out great and he loved it!

He now loves to play with his monster trucks and even pulls some of his farm wagons, trailers, and balers with his trucks. I guess that's what all the hip farmers are doing these days :)
 I bought a new 12x12 cake pan for this cake and I love it. I made the cake marble with 2 cake mixes and then did a little cutting and pasting to make the ramps. The "rocks" are Whoppers and Milk Duds. A few toothpicks helped keep the trucks in place on the ramps.
He's all smiles!
 For the actual birthday party we celebrated at the Barnes' house in Pella with Grandma Pontier, who was visiting at the time. 

 Happy 4th Birthday Blake!
 Licking the frosting off the trucks was the best part of course.
 Opening gifts.
 Some new farm toys, books, and tools.
 Blake got to celebrate one more time a few weeks later with the other January birthdays on the De Vries side of the family. This cake wasn't as cool, but still tasted great.
 Happy Birthday Carol, Blake, and Grandma De Vries!
Blake was a little sick of smiling at this point. It looks like he's laughing, 
but he's actually crying a little :( He perked up while opening a few more gifts :)

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  1. Love the Monster Truck Cake! Great idea with the toothpicks to keep them up. Also, CONGRATS on your other news:)