Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer is in Full Swing with Ball Season

We are loving summer, but I won't lie that I'm looking forward to the end of ball season. We have loved watching the kids have fun and be a part of a team, but keeping up with schedules can be exhausting. I like as little scheduling as possible in the summer :) One more week of games.
Rebecca played Rookies softball again this year and it's fun to see how she maturing and improving over last year. Blake is getting his first taste of organized sports with Bam Bam ball. He is loving it too!

Look at her form! (Better than normal because she saw me taking pictures :)

Two more games until the season is over. Hoping for some great hits!

Blake is all smiles the whole time he is playing.

He's so cute after running the bases! I always yell, "Good job Blake!" And he always replies with a huge smile and says, "Thank you!" 

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  1. We just started into the t-ball season...We'll see how it goes:)