Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A little organization goes a long ways...

Sorry for the blog silence lately. It is just another testament to how life is moving a bit too fast lately. You'd think as a teacher and with my summers "off", I'd find more time to reflect on life and share, but not so. We have had a busy summer of playing, working, spending time with family and friends, and just catching up on things.

Speaking of catching up, I wanted to share the latest bit of organization I did in the house. The family room in the basement doesn't actually get that much use at this point in our lives, but I know as the kids grow it will. This is what one side of the room has looked like for the last year.

Not terrible, I know. I'd never make it on one of those TV shows to help me organize my mess, but an eye sore that I have to look at. There used to be a tall shelf here, but I stole it to help organize my sewing things in another room. I looked online several times for inspiration to organize this space and Dan even said he would try and build something. But in the end it just took a trip to Target, ordering online, and assembling a few new pieces of furniture. And now......

Yeah! This small little accomplishment makes me so happy! The adult games and books are on the right with  family pictures of nieces and nephews. The kids games and toys are on the left and the storage bench has more toys in it. (Ironically though, there is a manufacture sticker on the inside of the storage bench that says, "This chest is not intended or suitable for a toy chest." Oh well, I think it's very suitable ;) I also hung up a chalkboard we had laying around and there is a little bucket hanging next to it to hold chalk - that's my favorite. 

Like I said, I ordered these from Target. They are considered hardwood construction with a veneer finish. I love that they all match and that these pieces can grow with the kids - it's not "kid" furniture. Also, if we ever move, these could work in any room. All good decorating blogs give you a price list, so here it is - all items were on clearance and marked down about 25% from the original price, I got free shipping and 5% off with my Target card - so the grand total was right at $250. Worth it to me!


  1. This looks GREAT! For that price you can't beat it.
    I'm trying to figure out what kind of bedroom furniture to get for Andy's room, and I was wondering about the quality of Target furniture. This helps a lot, and I love the color. I'm also going to look at Ikea.
    Being able to see the before first hand, the After looks awesome!
    Was it a certain 25% off sale? Thanks for all the details!

  2. Can you tell me what color the shelves are?

    1. The color is Chestnut, which is the color on clearance. The brand is Threshold from Target.