Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th!

This last week has been full of fun summer activities. Despite the hot, hot weather, we have had a lot of fun. Here are the high lights in pictures.

We got to go out on the lake for the first time last Saturday. Our friend Scott took us out. Don't pay attention to the look on Rebecca's face in this picture, she loved the boat! Dan and I both skied and Rebecca and I also had a ride on the tube together. She is still not ready to try the tube on her own.

Every time the boat stopped Rebecca wanted to jump off and swim!

She also enjoyed a noodle fight with Scott.

On the 4th we had lunch with some friends near Brooklyn. The Caddens are a great family and have a large hog confinement with a bunch of new piglets. Brian, who is the same age as Rebecca, was very excited to show her the pigs. 

Rebecca had no problem jumping in and holding the pigs too!

Is a hog barn in our future too?

In the evening, we got together with a bunch of families from church and enjoyed a BBQ, water balloons, a dunk tank, sparklers, and fireworks in Pella.  
Here are the girls getting ready to hit the boys with water balloons.
We all enjoyed the fireworks, including Blake who watched them very intently. 

And just for kicks, here is a picture of our very healthy, happy, and well fed baby boy. 
Blake is almost 6 months old now.

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