Friday, May 11, 2012

tired and busy

That pretty much sums up my life in the last month - tired and busy. I went back to work a month ago and I've been busy and tired ever since. I really enjoy teaching, but the time in the morning before work and the time between coming home and going to bed have been packed full of business. Nothing too special, just busy taking care of the kids and Dan. That leaves little time for some of the relaxing things I like to do like read, blog, watch a good movie, and keep the house clean (yes, that is one of my relaxing activities).

Only 10 more work days left until summer break! I can't wait to...
- read a good book
- sleep in with the kids
- go for a walk with the kids
- lay in the hammock
- mow the lawn while the kids sleep
- have time to make doughnuts for breakfast
- plant flowers
- get caught up on the kids scrap books
- and so much more...

I have a lot of projects around the house that I want to get to this summer. Hopefully I will find time to do those and find time to blog about them. So until then...

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  1. So exciting to look foreword to summer break.
    I only have 3 days left (because I am taking off the last 2 school days and the 2 teacher work days)...and I am pumped about it. I do wish I too could be getting things done, but having a baby is #1 on my proirity list now. Potty training is #2 (but I'm saving that for June or July). I did watch a chick flick last night after Jay went to bed and it was awesome. Miss you.