Monday, July 5, 2010

Before and After (2 & 3)

Here are a few more of my projects that I have been hard at work on. The first is something that I have needed/wanted for over a year now. The more sewing projects I do, the more thread I accumulate. So here it is...


The next project was a little bigger. I repainted our bedroom. Most of the things in our room were going to stay the same so I had to go with colors that would go with the quilt and curtain and also blend with the furniture. I love how it turned out!

Before (this picture is a little embarrassing because I didn't really clean at all before taking it. All I did was make the bed and toss the quilt on the bed so you could see it better.)

I bought the paint from Menards and decided to go with the higher quality (aka more expensive) paint plus primer because I thought I would have to do less coats since the color was so dark. It was worth it. I only had to do two coats. I remember when I did the red wall in our dining room I had to do about 5 coats! The darker wall is "chocolate kiss" and the lighter walls are "lama brown."
These shelves are a new addition to the room. I got the idea for these shelves from another crafty blog. They are so easy to put up. Simply loop ribbon and screw into the wall and then put a thin board through the ribbons. Still not sure what to put on the shelves. All these items were taken from other places in the house and after the picture I put them all back.


  1. The new room looks so much richer and warmer.

  2. wow I like the before and after shots. The room looks sooo nice! I love the drawer too :)