Thursday, December 10, 2009

When the weather outside is frightful...

...we get a lot of work done inside. Going on our 3rd snow day now, we've had a lot of time to get things done around the house. (Just a few stats, we've had about 14 inches of snow, 35 mph winds, and today a -20 F windchill.)

Rebecca hasn't been to productive, but she's been staying out of trouble and enjoying her videos.
Since Dan is now self employed and works from home, there is no snow day for him. Here he is working in his new home office in the basement.I've been busy redecorating Rebecca's room. We have a set of bunk beds that we wanted to put in her room. New beds means new bedding, which means new colors and new paint. We have the beds set up and the walls painted. Projects still yet to do are sewing new curtains and bed spreads. I also have dark purple paint that I want to use on the walls somehow, but still don't know exactly what to do. I tried to get Rebecca to say "bunk beds" but she just keeps staying "two beds!".
Another project I finished yesterday was setting up a new scrapbooking area for myself. I'm looking forward to using it today while Rebecca naps.


  1. Awesome bunk beds and scrapbooking space. Does Rebecca's new room have a theme, or is it a dark purple color?
    I wish I had a snow day. Although If I did have a snow day I probably wouldn't be as productive as you:)

  2. -20F wind chill is nothing.
    This morning it was -27F without the wind (of which there is none).

    Its supposed to be colder tomorrow.
    Warm regards from Neerlandia.