Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Neerlandia, Alberta

My parents have lived in Neerlandia for a year and a half now. Here are a few of the local sites.
This is farm country just like Iowa. Here they grow fields of canola, which are the bright yellow flowers. And as always, Rebecca likes the cows.
In Canada they sell gas by the liter.

My parents often go to the indoor pool in Barrhead so we thought we would check it out too. No out door pools - too cold!

There is a local ferry that will take you across the Athabasca River - the only way across for quite a few miles. On the other side of the river are sand hills and miles of walking trails. There was also a beautiful look out spot that over looked the river. You could really see the great country side and the canola fields.

We also thought this fire watch tower was pretty interesting.

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