Monday, September 8, 2008

Rough Week

Rebecca has had a rough week. She had her one year checkup last Tuesday and is weighing in at 21 lbs. 2 oz. and is 30 inches long. Her checkup also included shots which really did not agree with her. She got 2 different shots that she had had in the past and a new one - the Chicken pox vaccine. She was not herself for 3 days after the shots. She had awful body aches and hardly moved or wanted to crawl or cruise around. We gave her Tylenol which helped some. Here she is laying on one of the pillows holding the Tylenol, she loves to chew on the rubber top.
Then on Saturday she broke out in a rash that started on her head and spread down to her stomach. Sunday the rash got worse and so did her temperament. We've never seen her so cranky or heard her cry so much. It was awful. This morning I took her into see her doctor, but other than the rash, which is now fading, and her irritability she is fine. Her doctor thinks that she had some allergic reaction the the Chicken pox vaccine so all she said was we would not repeat that vaccine again at age 5 when most kids get a booster. Today I gave her some benedryl and she took a great 4 hour nap and is feeling better. So I guess it is back to school for me and to daycare for Rebecca.

Even amid her aches and pains, she still had enough smile to show off her new pearly whites!

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  1. that's too bad.
    Are you glad you took her to the doctor even though things are fading now?
    Now you get to use your "sick days" on Rebecca instead of yourself:)
    Call me, or I'll call you sometime.