Saturday, August 23, 2008

Garden Fresh

I wish that my garden would flourish during the summer while I am home from school, but that never happens. I did get a few sweet peas, green beans, and lettuce early on. School is in full swing now and I am so busy and tired that I don't want extra things to do. But none the less, here is what I found in the garden this morning - cucumbers, green beans, spaghetti squash, and zucchini.
And on top of that I frozen 20 quarts of sweet corn this morning and into the afternoon.
While I was cleaning the corn Rebecca found plenty to do out on the deck. "I don't care what you say mom, I like to eat dirt!"

And while I was freezing corn Rebecca had fun getting into mischief in the house too.Now Rebecca is down for a nap and I need one too :)


  1. if it is good enough for me, then it is good enough for her.

    luv ya

  2. hey I ate crikets and sand when I was young