Monday, September 24, 2007

A Few Firsts

Rebecca is growing and changing every day. Yesterday she had a few firsts of many I'm sure. After getting her all dressed for church, I fed her and put her in her car seat ready to go. A minute later she made a funny noise and when I checked on her she had majorly spit up everywhere - her first time really spitting up. She was soaked through and so was the car seat. Dan and I made it a team effort to get her changed and the car seat cleaned up. This is a great example of why families with young children are often late to church!

The other first happened last night. As some of you may know, newborns fill their diapers often, but they are usually pretty small amounts and not to messy. Last night I picked Rebecca up and she had leaked through her diaper for the first time and her back was soaked. I'm going to blame this one on the diaper though. I've been trying different diaper brands in order to find good quality at a decent price. This brand is cheap, but feels like cardboard and obviously can't handle leaks very well.

Here are some more pictures just for fun :)
This last picture is in Rebecca's room right over her crib. I got wooden letters to spell her name and decorated the letters with fabric. Pretty nice uh?
In other news, Dan and I got a new digital camera to take even better pictures of Rebecca, but this morning while trying to install the software onto our computer I realized our computer has too old of an operating system for our nifty new camera. I guess a new computer is next on the list to upgrade :)


  1. I love the wooden letters with ribbon! It looks so cute for a little girl. You are so creative.

  2. yeah, how did you get to be so creative? i want some of that creativity.

    she looks like dan except she is cuter. sorry dan :)

  3. Cute pics. Babies can poop through even expensive diapers. I have got some good stories if you want to hear them :) -Sharla