Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Home Makeover

Our weekend was eventful. Our friend Scott brought over his trencher/backhoe to help with digging a hole to make way for an egress window. That little bitty single pane window will be replaced with a double hung verticle window soon to be put in. As you can see I did this in the morning. The man I hired was to come in the afternoon and cut out four windows in the basement so we could replace all of them with more efficient ones.

He did come around 3:00 p.m. and started cutting. We got three out of four done before his saw broke. As you can see from this picture taken on Mon. it is attached to the side of our house until he returns with the hydraulic motor which broke a seal. The blade measures 24" across and is ran hydraulicly from a 2.3 liter engine. It has diamond tipped blades and mechanically drives up the wall repeatedly to make the 8" cut through the wall. It has a water hose attached when running to keep the dust down.

As expected the water comes flying into the house on the third cut. I am shown doing my best to divert the water down and Chelsie, Scott's girlfriend is cleaning it up.

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